NH WIOA Combined State Plan

NH WIOA Combined State Plan Executive Summary

NH WIOA Combined State Plan

  • Title I-B: Adult, Dislocated, Youth
  • Wagner-Peyser Services 
  • Adult Education and Literacy Program 
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services 
  • Career and Technical Education Programs 
  • Jobs for Veterans State Grants 
  • Unemployment Insurance 
  • Senior Community Services Employment Program (State Program) 

    State Plan Appendices

  • Appendix A: Economic Analysis Data Tables and Charts
  • Appendix B: NH Works System Partners Release of Information Forms
  • Appendix C: Performance Goals for the Core Programs
  • Appendix D: State Workforce Innovation Board Membership Roster
  • Appendix E: Public Comment Notice and Feedback
  • Appendix F: Agricultural Outreach Memoranda of Understanding
  • Appendix G: Career Pathway Plan of Study Template
  • Appendix H: Secondary Plan and Application Guidance
  • Appendix I: Postsecondary Plan and Application Guidance
  • Appendix J: Special Populations Guidance
  • Appendix K: Dropout Prevention and Recovery Model
  • Appendix L: Part B: Perkins IV Budget Forms
  • Appendix M: Part C: Accountability Forms
  • Appendix N: New Hampshire State Quality Service Plan Narrative FY 2016
  • Appendix O: Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) Letters of Support

    Partner Agency Memoranda of Understanding

  • NH Works One-Stop Operator Consortium (Fiscal and Program)
  • NH Works One-Stop Comprehensive Center Certification of Review
  • Rapid Response
  • Unemployment Insurance Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA)
  • Veterans Priority of Service
  • NH Job Corps
  • Trade Act

    State WIOA Policy and Procedures

  • WIOA State Monitoring Policy
  • WIOA Priority of Service Policy
  • WIOA Youth Additional Barrier Policy
  • Eligible Training Provider List Policy and Procedures
  • Conflict of Interest Policy 

    Equal Opportunity Employer
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