Business Layoffs/Rapid Response/WARN

Layoffs and closures are traumatic events for both workers and the owners of the company. Loss of a job has a tremendous effect on a worker and the worker’s family. Layoffs and closures also affect the community where they are located.

NH Works offers assistance to employers to avoid layoffs, and also offers assistance to dislocated workers.

Employers who foresee significant changes to their workforce are advised to give the state advanced notice as described in the NH Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. Refer to the latest NH Department of Labor WARN newsletter for partner agency information.

In the event of a mass layoff, NH Works will coordinate with the employer to meet with affected employees through the Rapid Response program.

For additional information, visit these websites:

  • US Department of Labor WARN Act
  • Employees’ Trade Adjustment Assistance TAA