Are you required to register in NH for job search?

If you have been advised to register for job search in NH, you can access the NH Works Job Match System (JMS) website by going to and selecting the Register/Sign in link to create your account. Once you have completed your registration, print a confirmation and fax it to 603-229-4321, if requested. You may visit your local NH Works office and use the resource center’s computers to complete your JMS registration.

The NH Works Job Match System (JMS) allows job seekers to conduct a job search using Internet spider technology to view jobs posted by employers and match skills to positions posted on national boards and private industry web sites. The JMS features a resume and letter builder to generate a new resume to be sent to employers. Job seekers can also explore the regional labor market for information such as the average weekly earnings for a position or the fastest growing occupations.

If you have any questions about this process, contact your local NH Works office or call us at 603-271-7275.