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Job Search sites and resources

The NH Department of Employment Security Job Match System lists jobs and matches job seekers with employers. You can register with the system and post your skills and qualifications so employers can see them or you can simply browse all of the jobs available.

America’s Job Search:
Similar to the NH Department of Employment Security Job Match System, this site helps match you with employers in New Hampshire and across the nation.

State Government Jobs:
If you’re interested in working for the state of New Hampshire, you can view what’s available by category on the State Government job listing page.

Major Job and Resume Banks:
You’ve probably heard of most of these big commercial job sites-, HotJobs and others. We’ve assembled a list to help you get to them faster.

Newspaper Links:
Sometimes the best source for local job listings is your local newspaper. Most newspapers now have their classifieds on the World Wide Web. We’ve put together a list of the papers in New Hampshire for you.

Job Fairs:
If you like to meet people and ask questions about a job or company, a Job Fair may be what you’re looking for. We maintain a list of Job Fairs in NH on this page.

Mature Worker Jobs:
If you are 50 and over you can search for jobs and connect with age friendly employers on