Mature Worker Program Flyer

How does the Mature Worker Program benefit job seekers?

The Mature Worker Program (MWP) provides tailored and individualized re-employment services, along with training opportunities as needed, to eligible individuals 55 years of age or older. Career Navigators will work with program participants to connect them with available job opportunities.

The Mature Worker Program is offered through our 12 NH Works Sites located across the State. Career Navigators at these sites will determine program eligibility and provide barrier assessment and case management services. Benefits of this program are:

  • Job search assistance
  • Re-employment workshops
  • Job Clubs / Networking
  • Occupation skills training (based on individual eligibility):
    • Individual Training Account
    • On-the-Job Training (OJT)
    • Retention Incentive Training

Occupational Skills training include the following options:

Individual Training Account Overview
Participants that require classroom training to acquire the skills necessary to successfully compete for employment opportunities may be offered training funds for occupation skills training.

On the Job Training Overview
On the Job Training (OJT) is a hire-first program that reimburses a company for the cost of training a new employee. OJTs allow an employer to hire an individual who would not otherwise qualify for the job. The employee receives skills training from the company and the company receives 50% wage reimbursement for up to six months.

Retention Incentive Overview
Retention Incentive is also a hire-first program. An initial training plan is developed and as an incentive the employer will receive a subsidy of up to $4,000 upon completion of eight months of employment.

How do I get involved?

Contact NH Works office nearest you. Please see all contacts here: Mature Worker Program Flyer

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