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Employers in a range of sectors struggle to meet their hiring needs and find skilled workers. This limits their competitiveness. Bring businesses together to identify their common workforce challenges, then provide training and other services that help them recruit, retain, and upskill workers. Businesses and other key partners contribute their time to work with their peers to create lasting, business-led partnerships that address their ongoing workforce challenges.


The Sector Partnerships Initiative (SPI) is a new industry-driven statewide initiative to help businesses in targeted industries address their workforce needs, while also helping workers prepare for and advance in careers in these critical sectors. The initiative is initially focusing on four industries: manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and information technology.

Through this innovative public/private collaboration, groups of businesses within each target industry will participate in sector partnerships, formal collaborations where they will convene on a regular basis to identify shared hiring, training, and retention needs. Businesses will then work with a range of critical partners to develop training programs and other workforce services to address businesses’ shared workforce needs.

These partners include:

  • Community-based organizations
  • Education and training providers like career and technical education centers and community colleges
  • Registered apprenticeship providers

The workforce solutions developed through these partnerships will simultaneously help workers prepare for jobs and advance in these critical industries.

The initial phases of the initiative include completing a comprehensive labor market analysis of the targeted sectors, as well as identifying existing resources throughout the state that can be leveraged to support these partnerships. Sector partnerships in the targeted industries will launch after that, developing new training programs or refining existing services based on the needs of businesses.


The Sector Partnerships Initiative is industry-driven – businesses within the targeted industries will lead each sector partnership, working with their peers and other key industry partners to identify and address their common workforce needs. The initiative is supported by NH Works, a consortium of state agencies and associations working together to leverage their staff and align their local networks to support the sector partnerships.


The SPI has contracted with Jobs for the Future to provide a suite of services to support the success of the sector partnerships, including:

Labor market analysis
Using traditional and real-time sources, identify target sectors statewide with middle-skill job opportunities as well as the skills, education, and requirements needed in those sectors

Asset mapping
Identify existing assets/resources across the state within these sectors

Workforce planning
Building on the labor market analysis and asset mapping, work with appropriate sector intermediaries and industry champions to develop sector partnerships

Sector launch events
Support in-person launch events in each sector, which will include sharing initial data and planning next steps for the partnerships


Joseph Doiron, Workforce Development Administrator,
Office of Workforce Opportunity
Department of Business and Economic Affairs
State of New Hampshire
P: 603-271-0416